Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BarnHeart - A Memoir: A Book Review

About The Book:

Whether theyre about raising chickens or herding sheep, the tales of Jenna Woginrich have caught the imagination of thousands of young homesteaders. As she learns traditional farming skills by trial and error, Woginrich records her offbeat observations and poignant moments with honesty, humility, and humor.In BarnHeart, she lands at a small rented farm in Vermont, where she struggles to find her place in a reserved New England community filled with working farmers who are scraping by and wealthy vacation-home owners with fancy barns that never house livestock. Woginrich explores her new surroundings with a friendly openness (and a ready fiddle) and finds a community of like-minded people who are keeping alive meaningful regional traditions.Although her barnheart a term Woginrich coins to describe her state of longing for a farm of her own never subsides, she makes do on her rented farmstead, caring for her sheep, chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, a goat, and a turkey, until relationships sour and shes abruptly forced to leave. Where will she (and all her animals) go? Will she finally be able to afford the farm shes always dreamed of?Even when dealing with cranky neighbors, small-town politics, and the loneliness that comes with running a farm on her own, Woginrich never loses her sense of humor. Readers will recognize themselves and find inspiration in this appealing story of longing and striving for a more authentic life.

About The Author:

Jenna Woginrich is a 20-something homesteader and the author of Barnheart, Chick Days, and Made from Scratch. She blogs at Cold Antler Farm, as well as Mother Earth News and The Huffington Post. A Pennsylvania native, she has made her home in the mountains of Tennessee, in northern Idaho, in rural Vermont, and most recently in upstate New York, where she lives with a flock of Scottish Blackface sheep, a border collie in training, chickens and geese, a hive of bees, and several amiable rabbits.

My Review:

A charming little memoir of a young woman who strives to have a homestead of her own one day, and writes about the desire in a wonderful manner. The books is incredibly easy to read and a very quick read as well. I read it in only a day (its 191 pages). The author also has a blog that I am going to start reading more regularly as I really did enjoy her writing style a lot. The blog gives you a great insight to her life as well.

If you are looking for an inspiring book that will give you the push you need to follow your dreams and not give up, it is Barnheart -  A Memoir to be sure!

I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs up!

BUY IT: You can purchase Barnheart  - A Memoir by Jenna Woginrich at your favorite bookseller from Thomas Allen, when it is released in December 2011

***I received a complimentary copy of this book, courtesy of Thomas Allen, for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner***

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