Friday, January 20, 2012

A Great Website for Christian Parents!

Over the last year I have discovered some amazing blogs and websites. Some encourage me as a Christian woman and wife, while others have been a fantastic encouragement to me as a Christian parent. One such site that I recently discovered is Raising Godly Children.


The Mission Statement of Raising Godly Children says this:

RGC believes the HOME should be the center for discipleship and evangelism. The church should complement the teachings that take place at the home. Our desire is that these online ministry pages will help Godly Parents (particularly Fathers) in their pursuit to train their children up in God’s word. There will be helpful videos, articles, and other materials posted to help parents Raise Godly Children.

It is so true. The website is a wonderful resource for parents of children of all ages - from infant into the teen years. You will be encouraged and challenged as you read the articles and use the study guides to learn how to apply the Word of God to your experience of parenting.

I cannot express enough how much of an encouragement Raising Godly Children has been to me, and it is my hope and prayer that the site will be blessing to you as well.

You can also find Raising Godly Children on Facebook and Twitter.

Be Blessed,

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