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Beware of Christians: A DVD Review

About The Film:

BEWARE OF CHRISTIANS—the funny, insightful, entertaining film from Riot Studios—follows the adventures (and misadventures) of four young friends from Texas as they trek across Europe, cameras in hand, questions in mind and an urgent need in their hearts to find the relevance of their faith today.
Alex Carroll, Matt Own, Michael Allen and Will Bakke have grown up as Bible-believing Christians who did all the right things. But growing older, these recent college graduates realize the Jesus in the Bible doesn’t exactly look like the healthy, wealthy, American Jesus they had been trained to know and love. Discerning that their view of Christianity was strongly influenced by how and where they were raised, they leave the United States to reexamine what Jesus had to say about life . . . and whether it is relevant in today’s world.

Hopping across Europe, they travel from England to Spain to Italy and more, hitting well-known cities and asking questions of those who live there. In London, the financial capital of Europe, the discussion turns to faith and money. In freewheeling Barcelona the subject is sex. From Rome to Budapest to Munich talk turns from alcohol to entertainment to how a wider world sees American believers.

Throughout BEWARE OF CHRISTIANS, the setting cuts to a wide-ranging roundtable discussion with the young men talking, laughing and looking for biblical insight into what they have learned.

As the journey progresses, they build a deep bond with each other and discover a new meaning for the words “trusting in Jesus.” By the end of their adventure, they truly begin to understand the joy and redemption that comes from giving up the world to follow Him.

Part documentary, part “road picture,” all entertaining and insightful, BEWARE OF CHRISTIANS marks a new direction in faith-based films. Come along for the journey!

Michael B. Allen
As co-producer of BEWARE OF CHRISTIANS and ONE NATION UNDER GOD, Michael Allen worked alongside Will Bakke and others to develop concepts for both feature-length documentaries and to form their production company, Riot Studios. As a musician and a member of the band The Monarchy, Allen recently released his first album. Allen attended Texas A&M University where he helped start the grassroots philanthropic organization The PB&J Project. He also founded and currently works as a graphic and web designer for creative media firm Barefoot Branding.

Will Bakke
Award-winning director of BEWARE OF CHRISTIANS and ONE NATION UNDER GOD, Will Bakke found his niche as a filmmaker while in college at Baylor University, when he developed the short comedy sketch series Bearly There Productions. For that work, MTV named Bakke one of the Top 25 Filmmakers on Campus. His focus since is on feature films.

Alex Carroll
A 2011 graduate of Georgetown University, Alex Carroll co-produced both BEWARE OF CHRISTIANS and ONE NATION UNDER GOD. In 2009, Alex founded Scot Productions, a sports media website for his high school alma mater in Dallas, and Campus Corner Connection, a successful advertising and social networking site. While at Georgetown, Carroll helped initiate a campus ministry known as The Gathering.

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My Review:

If you know of anyone who is struggling with how to live out their faith in a world of materialism, and tempations galore, I urge you to share this movie with them. It is a great way to encourage all ages but especially the college crowd. It is an amazing journey of how to truly live out one's faith. Very well made and very inspirational.

I highly recommend this DVD and give it a thumbs up.

BUY IT: You can purchase Beware of Christians online through the official website, here. 

***I received a complimentary copy of the above DVD, courtesy of Lovell-Fairchild Communications Inc., for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have been compensated in any other manner***

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