Sunday, February 26, 2012

BKids Baby Toy Review

Once your young baby begins to move around and explore their surroundings they love to touch anything and everything. When they do this, your child is growing and learning, even when we don't think they are. One way to help babies learn is to supply them with soft toys that they can touch (and ultimately chew) and learn with. 

"BKids" have a variety of toys for your baby to play with, and recently I had the opportunity to review two of their wonderful products.

About BKids:

Our goal is to provide better and safer innovative products that bring laughter, learning, and fun to kids all over the world. Each product has been carefully created and designed with love. Every B kids toy has been designed so that parents can spend quality time exploring, enjoying, and sharing playful, enriching moments with their kids.

We care about the happiness and well-being of kids, therefore, safety and trustworthiness are of utmost importance to us. We ensure that all our products comply with the highest quality and international safety standards.

Soft Peek-A-Boo Blocks:

This adorable set of nine blocks will provide hours of fun and learning for your little one ages six months and older. The blocks can be open and shut, providing amazing fine motor development opportunities that block play is known to do. The brightly colored blocks are soft plastic, therefore safe for the younger infant to mouth (which, if you are a parent of an infant know that everything ends up in the mouth). They can be stacked, opened and closed, thrown and more. Your child will learn about counting, colors and animals as they place with this adorable set of soft blocks. 

 In my opinion, the Peek-A-Boo Blocks from "BKids" are a fantastic idea for baby gifts, baby shower gifts and a fantastic resource for any infant child care program.


Stack N Link Pal:

The Stack N Link Pal from "BKids" takes the stacking ring concept one step further and allows each ring to also be linked to one another. Another fantastic toy that will encourage fine motor development for young infants and color recognition for older infants and toddlers. You can also count each ring with your child (as I did with a couple of the young children in my home child care program) and use the rings for stacking or making a ring toss game with (as I did with my toddlers in my care). 

I was overall extremely impressed with the quality of both "BKids" products I was able to review, and will say it again, both of these products are perfect for even the youngest of children. 

I highly recommend both the Peek-A-Boo blocks and Stack N Link Pal from "BKids"!

***I received a complimentary set of the above toys, courtesy of Southard Communications, Inc., for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner***

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