Monday, October 29, 2012

Bring Zynga to Life with Hasbro!

If your family is anything like mine we love board games! Even with young children, we have started the tradition of playing games like Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Memory and more. Just like many, my husband and I are on Facebook, and enjoy playing some of the many games available from Zynga. Recently, Hasbro joined forces with Zynga to bring these great games to life. 

Games like Words with Friends, CityVille, and Farmville have been developed into board games and are just a few that we were able to recently test out and I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you!
FarmVille Hungry Hungry Herd

Head to the fields to play the HUNGRY HUNGRY HERD game! It’s the new version of the classic HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS game, but it’s based on FARMVILLE. When the game begins, move fast to make your hungry farm animals munch as many marbles as they can. If your animal chomps the most, you win!

Game includes farm base, 4 animals, 4 marble flippers, 20 marbles, label sheet and game guide. For 2 to 4 players.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Game contains marbles. Not for children under 3 years.

CityVille Monopoly

It looks like the classic fast-dealing propertytrading MONOPOLY game, but this CITYVILLE MONOPOLY game has been reimagined like the addictive online CITYVILLE game! Buy properties, build houses, community spaces and businesses on them, and raise cash when it’s your turn. You’ll pay when you land on zoning permit spaces and get paid when you pass Go! The first player to build 4 skyscrapers wins. Become a tycoon while you build your dream city with the CITYVILLE MONOPOLY game!
Includes gameboard, 4 movers, 66 buildings, 16 skyscraper tops, city money, zoning permit cards, mystery gift cards, visitor center cards and 2 dice.
For 2 to 4 players.

Words with Friends Classic Game
Have the wordiest fun right at home with the new WORDS WITH FRIENDS game, based on the addictive online game! Take 7 tiles and create words vertically or horizontally that connect to previous words when it’s your turn. If you use all your tiles first, you get to add the points from your friends’ remaining tiles to your own score. Do you have the words to win? Find out when you play the classic WORDS WITH FRIENDS game!
Includes gameboard, 104 tiles, 4 tile racks and tile bag.
For 2 to 4 players.
My Review:
All three of these games will appeal to folks of all ages!  We have played Hungry Hungry Herd the most as it is the most appealing, and age appropriate, to play with our girls (ages four and six years). Its the classic Hungry Hungry Hippo but updated with farm animals and farm food for the marbles! So cute and a great way to introduce children to farm animals. Children will learn colors, counting, turn taking and get some fine motor practice all while having fun!
My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed playing CityVille Monopoly and Words With Friends. Both have allowed for hours of entertainment and excitement as we build cities and words! A great spin on classic games, and I cannot wait to play them with our girls as they grow older. Both will be a part of our board game collection for many years to come! Both board are very well made and brightly colored. The pieces and accessories are also well made and with proper use and care, will last for years to come. 
All three games will make wonderful gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season for all board game lovers in your life. 
I highly recommend each of these games and give them all a huge thumbs up!
BUY IT: You can buy all the above games at your favorite toy retailer from Hasbro and Zynga!
***I received a complimentary set of the above games, courtesy of Hasbro Canada, for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own and I have not been compensated in any other manner***

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  1. Words with Friends would be an awesome game for my niece as she loves to play board games whenever we come to visit