Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Money Smart Family System: A Book Review

About The Book:

Is it possible to raise financially responsible kids of any age in a society filled with consumerism and entitlement?
New York Times best-selling authors Steve and Annette Economides raised their five kids while spending 77 percent less than the USDA predicted. And the money they did spend was also used to train their children to become financially independent. The MoneySmart Family System will show you how to teach your children to manage money and have a good attitude while they’re learning to earn, budget, and spend wisely.
Learn how to:
*Get the kids out the door for school with less stress. *End the battle over clothing—forever *Teach your children to be grateful and generous. *Inspire your kids to help with chores as a member of a winning team. *Prepare your kids for their first paying job. *Help your kids pay for their own auto insurance, and even pay cash for their own cars. *Employ strategies for debt-free college educations. *Truly help your adult children when they want to move back home. *Be prepared to deal with your adult children when they ask for bailouts.
With clear steps for children of every age, The MoneySmart Family System proves that it’s never too early, too late, or too hard to start learning financial responsibility.
About The Authors:
Steve and Annette Economides (Econo mee' dis) were married in 1982. At that time, Steve worked as a graphic designer earning $6.50 per hour, while Annette stayed home to figure out how to stretch their pennies until they begged for mercy. In just nine years, on an average income of just $35,000 they purchased and paid-off their first home. They have also paid cash for all of their cars, taken fabulous debt-free vacations, spent only $350 per month to feed their family of seven, and put their kids through college without any school loans. Steve and Annette are quick to say that anyone can do what they do, if they are willing to learn.
They are NY Times Best Selling authors of three books and are recognized internationally as family finance experts. They have appeared on many national TV shows including: Good Morning AmericaThe Today ShowABC's 20/20Fox TV's Your World with Neil Cavuto and The Dr. Phil Show. They are regularly quoted on radio, in newspapers and have been featured in magazines such as Good HousekeepingPeople and Real Simple as well as profiled on Yahoo and MSNBC (more details here).
Steve and Annette’s interview style is down to earth and easy to understand. They’ll show you how they’ve done it, step-by-step, and how you can you too. If you follow their advice you’ll experience financial freedom, more money in the bank, debt-free living, better family times and lots more laughter.
My Review:
This is a fantastic resource for all families, and for all ages and stages. The tips in this book will not only work for adults to get back on track financially but also, and more importantly, will teach children how to start saving money and learn the importance of money management. The book is very nicely organized, easy to read and all the tips and ideas are super easy to implement in any family that reads this book.
My favorite idea from the book is the daily time sheet, where a child earns points throughout the week to earn money. I am in the process of adapting it to meet the needs of our family and our children, who are 6 and 2 years old. 
If you are looking for a book that will help you with family money management as well as other daily routines, look no further than The Money Smart Family System.
I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs up.
BUY IT: You can purchase The Money Smart Family System at your favorite bookseller from Thomas Nelson
***I received a complimentary copy of this book, courtesy of BookSneeze and Thomas Nelson, for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner***

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