Monday, November 12, 2012

The Costume Party Book: A Book Review

About The Book:

Children love to dress up and role-play. From pirates and knights to princesses and wizards, costumes inspire imagination and creativity. And with the easy-to-make costumes inside, The Costume Party Book (Fox Chapel Publishing, May 1, 2012) families can craft an entire wardrobe of great get-ups perfect for playtime, Halloween, theater productions, or masquerade parties. Inside  “The Costume Party Book”, readers will find projects for making entire costumes, masks, capes, cloaks, tunics, caps, hats, helmets, and more. And the best part - there’s no sewing involved! Most projects are constructed with a glue gun, and items that can be found around the house or picked up at the local craft store. Some can be put together in just minutes, with items from your closet or thrift-store finds.

The Costume Party Book ideas include: 

A Super Hero, complete with a red cape 
Count Dracula’s cloak 
A Gallant Knight decked out with a sword and shield 
Robin Hood with his trusty bow, arrows and quiver 
A Sandwich Board Style Pizza Delivery costume with chef hat 
A cool Robot made from a large box, dryer tubing and electric wires 
A Witch’s hat, Magician’s hat and Knight’s helmet 
Several fanciful face masks, like Freaky Frankenstein, and a Pumpkin Head
A warm Lion costume made from fleece
Angel wings
A magic wand and more  

For year-round party fun, there’s also a section on face-painting, and provides tips, tricks and techniques for creating a white Dracula face, a silly clown, a little lion, a sad Pierrot, Frankenstein, a beautiful butterfly, bunny rabbit, and spider-web face.  Patterns are included for clothing and accessories, making cutting out pieces a snap. In just 3 steps or less, your children will have a costume that they treasure for any special occasion or for playing at home with friends and family.

About The Author:

Peg Couch is an amateur seamstress and book acquisition editor at Fox Chapel Publishing. She served as the style editor for Tree Craft, and the editor for the Illustrated Guide to Sewing Series.

My Review:

With Halloween just past many parents likely searched for weeks in stores for ideas to dress up their little people, spending a lot of money for costumes that may only last a few wearings. What if you could create your own costumes for children to wear all year long for great dramatic play experiences? Well, you can! 

The Costume Party Book has amazing illustrations and steps to creating a ton of great costumes for children of all ages! Seriously you will not need another costume book for sure! There is something for everything in this book, and it is perfect for anyone who loves DIY projects. I am actually going to be getting a hard copy of this book to use for my family child care program to make great dress up costumes!

I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs up!

BUY IT: You can purchase The Costume Party Book at your favorite bookseller from Fox Chapel Publishing, as well as online through Design Originals

***I received a complimentary electronic copy of this book, courtesy of NetGalley and Fox Chapel Publishing, for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner***

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  1. this book sounds great for anyone wanting to DIY; like the idea of the 'A cool Robot made from a large box, dryer tubing and electric wires'

    thanks for the review