Monday, December 31, 2012

iChoose2 Love My Life: A Review and Invitation

About The Book:

Move from Ordinary to Extraordinary. Live a Life You Love.

For years you’ve longed for something that would jumpstart your journey toward living a life you really love.  Finally, here’s the motivation you need!  This is a book written by a dedicated team of women who have a heart for helping others shift from surviving to thriving.  Through this one-year journey, we want you to experience a life:

  • Without regrets
  • Where you intentionally invest in yourself
  • Full of joy, purpose, and love
  • Where you aren’t just existing, but instead, living your legacy
This book will be your adventure guide for the next year.  Throughout the year you will make small changes at a determined and steady pace.  You will be transformed.  And, our iBloom team of life coaches will be here to inspire and motivate you through each step of your journey.  There is power in this little book and a whole lot of potential in you that is just waiting to get out!

Are you ready to move from ordinary to extraordinary? 

Join us on this life changing journey and begin living a life you really love!

iChoose2 Love my life was authored by the iBloom Team, consisting of:

Kelly Thorne Gore, iBloom Founder and President

Lori Burnell, iBloom Associate

Leigh Ann Napier, iBloom Associate

Betsy Ringer, iBloom Associate

Gena Sorenson

Jane Thorne

You can find out more about each of these team members here!

My Review:

iChoose2 Love My Life has been a God send to me since receiving a copy in early fall. I had purchased a copy of the book, and when it arrived I was neck deep in book reviews, and life in general, so put it aside. Then I had the opportunity to become an iBloom Ambassador and promptly dug into the book a few weeks ago! I have absolutely loved getting to know other iBloom Ambassadors and seeing where God is going to lead me in this role. 

I had promptly completed the first two weeks of the book, Love My Life and Live Intentionally. Then when I got to week three, Have A Theme, I came to a complete stand still. In fact I had to put the book down and simply pray about a theme for my year. Ironically a new year is only a few days away, and it was only the other day that I finally felt the Lord showing me what my theme for 2013 should be. 


A loaded word but one that is so very important to me. I need discipline to get into the Word daily, to lose weight, to purposely take time away from social media, to spend time with both my husband and children, and to be a better friend, sibling and child. A loaded word, but clearly the word that is necessary for me in the upcoming new year. Already this week, all the scripture that I have read on Facebook posts, Instagram, or blogs I read have pointed toward the necessity of discipline. I don't know exactly what the year looks like, but I know because its a theme that God is the center of, I am going to be greater for whatever comes. 

One way that my family and I are going to be living intentionally (and with discipline) is through daily reading of scripture. As a family of four (my girls are six and four years old) we are going to discipline ourselves to read through the entire Bible in 2013. A big feat for sure, but definitely do-able. 

iChoose2 Love My Life has already given me so many ways to change my life and I haven't even gone through all the exercises in the book! Read the book for sake of review, but now I cannot wait to delve in and dig deep!

If you are looking for a way to kick start your 2013 and love your life on purpose, then you must read iChoose2 Love My Life!

Join the entire iBloom team 
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***This post is a requirement of my role as an iBloom Ambassador, and I have received special perks as a result. I have received no additional compensation as a result***

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  1. Love that you have chosen a theme word. Last year my word was RADIANT, this year it's RESOLVE. More about that will be revealed in the new year. Blessings to you and your family on this one-year journey toward living a life you love!