Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A New You with Kellogg's in 2013!

Every year in January many people add getting healthy and fit to their New Year's Resolutions or goals.

Are you one of those people?

I know I am! Every year I look at the previous year and see what I need to change to be more healthy. Almost always, eating better and getting more exercise tops the list.

Recently, I become a member of the  Kelloggers Network - what is that you ask? Well, approximentally once a month, I receive a great package from Kellogg's with great new products and sometimes some great surprises! January was no exception!

I received a box full of delicious cereals and snacks:

***Special K with Red Berries Cereal
***Special K Oats and Honey Cereal
***Special K Low Fat Granola
***Special K Strawberry Flavor Fruit Crisps
***Special K Chocolate Flavor Crisps
***Special K Chocolatey Crunch Bars

All these fantastic goodies were delivered in a New Balance Gym Bag, along with the Limited Edition New Balance Lightening Dry Tank Top!

Kellogg's prides itself on developing and marketing products that are delicious tasting, while still being healthy and low in calories, perfect for those of us who are trying to get healthy!

One way you can use Special K to do that is head over to My Special K, and check out all the great tools like a personalized meal and fitness plan, and great information about food, fitness, beauty and other great articles and tools.

Since we are talking about getting health in 2013, here are my plans:

*In 2012, I managed to make some significant changes and lost 17 lb. So now in 2013, not only do I want to keep those pounds off, but also I would like to lose an additional 30lb. Sounds like a lot, but I am carrying way too much extra weight on my little 5ft 2inch frame, and I need to maintain a healthy weight in order to keep my type 2 diabetes in check!

***I want to work out daily for a minimum of 30 minutes, using tips from Special K, my Wii, and Walk At Home

***Making specific Diabetic friendly meals at least four days a week

***Using Green Smoothies daily, at least twice a day

***Walk the Calgary Half Marathon in May 2013 (this is my first half, so pretty excited and nervous!)

***Run/Walk the 2013 Moonlight Run (6KM) in March

***Maintain a healthy blood sugar (between 4 and 6)

These are just a few of my goals for 2013 in order to get healthy and stay that way!

What a few of your health and fitness goals this year?

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