Sunday, January 13, 2013

Beyond Ordinary Blog Tour and Book Review

About The Author:

Is your marriage everything you thought it would be? All marriages begin with love, excitement, and dreams for building a life together, but sooner or later many couples fall into a mediocre routine as life gets in the way of romance. We assume this is normal in relationships, so we settle for ordinary. But what if your marriage was meant for something more?

Justin and Trisha Davis learned firsthand the dangers of an ordinary marriage. On the outside, they 
were building a great family and ministry, but in their hearts they were no longer partners in marriage.
Their failure to recognize the warning signs led to an affair that almost ended their marriage, their family, and their ministry. The Davises share their story with transparency and genuine honesty in Beyond Ordinary: When a Good Marriage Just Isn’t Good Enough, which releases from Tyndale House Publishers in January 2013.

Using a highly compelling “he said, she said” approach, Justin and Trisha share two sides of the same 
story, exposing the many small—and seemingly insignificant—comments and decisions couples make 
every day that can dramatically alter the course of a marriage. They reveal the invaluable lessons and 
insights that helped them restore their relationship and transform their ordinary marriage into an 
extraordinary one.

Engaged and married couples will be challenged to develop and maintain a marriage that is passionate, 
purposeful, and truly extraordinary.

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About The Authors:

Justin and Trisha Davis met at Lincoln Christian University. The Davises’ return to ministry is the 
result of a victorious battle for their marriage and family. In 2009 they founded RefineUs Ministries, 
Inc., to ignite a movement in the church and among pastors and church planters to build healthy 
marriages and families. Today Justin and Trisha are bloggers, authors, and teachers in Nashville, 
Tennessee. Learn more at

My Review:

Marriage in real life is not the "happily ever after" we see in so many of the fairy tales, or romantic movies and novels in today's world. It can be wonderful, do not get me wrong. But most of the time in the books and movies, you don't necessarily see the couple overcome struggles and live happily ever after. Real life marriages, Christian or not, deal with mess, infertility, infidelity, miscarriage, fighting over money, kids, discipline techniques, in-laws, and so many more things. Deep down, many of us would love to go day by day with no issues, but thats not ideal and honestly, its not healthy. In a marriage, one of the most importance things is to communicate. Not just in the good times, but in the tough times too.

My husband and I have been married just over 15 years and though I love him more today then ever, marriage (and parenting) have been the hardest things I have ever had to do. Without Jesus in our marriage we would not have gotten through the scariest time of our marriage from 2005-2010. Due in part to our communication systems not being strong, we began to drift and serious issues developed. We did make it and are happily married today. But not without a lot of tears, heartache, pain and ultimately forgiveness. And most importantly because Jesus was with us each step of the way.

Reading Beyond Ordinary brought back so many thoughts and feeling, tears and frustrations as I read Justin and Tricia's story. With amazing honesty, rawness, and frankness, you will read about their journey from both his and her's perspectives. A really different marriage book to be sure, but a breath of fresh air from the typical "how-to" marriage books that are available in the Christian book market today.

Not only did I love hearing from the male and female sides of a marriage crisis and what it took to reconcile and recreate, but also what it takes to continue growing in God. The book is very strong theologically and loaded with scripture for reference!

With God at the center it doesn't exempt us from problems in marriage (for sure not!) but it gives us strength through the trials and hope that we will be stronger in spite of struggle with Him by our side.

I love the questions at the end of each chapter. This is perfect for a couple to go through both individually and as a couple. A great addition to the book. It is very well written and covers issues like trust, forgiveness, sex, honesty, dependence and more.

If you know a couple, or you are part of a couple, going through a difficult time, please recommend this book! It will definitely inspire and encourage you for sure. Even more so, it is perfect for an engaged couple to go through to help them get ideas to help them have a marriage that is extraordinary!

I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs up!

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BUY IT: You can purchase Beyond Ordinary at your favorite bookseller from Tyndale House Publishers and online through Amazon.

***I received a complimentary copy of this book, courtesy of Tyndale Blogger Network, for the purpose of review


  1. Thank you so very much for your kind and thoughtful review of our book. We are so grateful that our story and the principles of the book resonated with you. Thank you for helping us share this message with as many marriages as possible.

  2. Such a great, honest review. Thank you for sharing.