Monday, January 28, 2013

Treat Your Kids To The Classics with Kinder!

As an Early Childhood Educator with a child care home business, I have been bombarded over the years with the idea of gender specific play. While it is true that many years ago, girls played with "girls toys" like dress up and dolls and boys played with "boy's toys" like trucks, and blocks, things have dramatically changed over the years. And, in my opinion, it has been for the better! When I see a little boy cradling a doll tenderly or a girl ecstatic over a great structure she has designed and built, I am so incredibly proud of them and know they are developing great skills.

One of my fave memories of my girls "being girls" was when my now six year old was about four. She had witnessed me "wearing" her little sister in a ring sling when she was still an infant, and wanted to do the same with her "baby doll" named Julianna. So we got out a blanket and I helped her make a sling for her baby and she wore her all day long! It was priceless to see and taught her a skill that one day she may use with her own children.

My other daughter, now four years old, is a girly-girl to the core and is all about dress up, dolls and everything princess. On one Christmas a couple of years ago, she received a Fancy Nancy Doll and matching costume for herself. This was worn almost daily for many months and is still a favorite dress up outfit!

 While there are many toys out there that can be enjoyed by both girls and boys, there are also a number of gender specific toys. Two of the most popular being Hot Wheels and Barbie. 

As a #KinderMom, I am so excited to share with you that Kinder Canada has teamed up with Barbie and Hot Wheels to bring some amazing Limited Edition toys in 2013!

While I have two daughters, they were totally excited to see both Barbie and Hot Wheels Kinder eggs arrive in our mail box a few weeks ago! We have had a blast playing with rings, bracelets and mini Barbies, as well as super mini cars, complete with the Hot Wheels logo stickers! Not to mention, my husband has enjoyed the Hot Wheels toys too :)

 Enter to win 
1 of 40 40 KINDER® Barbie™ Hot Wheels™ Prize Packs, 
including a pack of 24 Kinder Surprise Eggs! 
(This is an exclusive Facebook contest, by the way, and only open to Canadians!) 

Head over to the official Kinder Facebook page and enter today! There are only a few days left to enter, so don't wait!

What are your favorite memories of playing with either Barbie or Hot Wheels? Let me know in the comments section below!

Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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