Thursday, March 28, 2013

Get Playing with Hasbro!

Our family is a huge fan of board games and hanging out as a family. As a child and young adult, I have fond memories of playing games at the family cottage, with friends after school, and in many a youth group evening! Now as a mom, I love the fact that my girls, at only four and six, are fond fans of board games like Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Bingo and more. 

One company that has been huge in the industry of creating amazing games for kids and families alike is Hasbro. Over the last couple of years, I have had the opportunity to partner with Hasbro and recently we had the chance to review three games! Two games are updated classics and one is a new one that is sure to become a classic in years to come.

Jenga Boom:

Stack it and "explode" it with this awesome JENGA Boom Game! Just like in the classic JENGA game, you’ll need a delicate touch to pull blocks out of the stack without knocking it down. But in JENGA Boom, you have to move fast, because you start the detonator before each turn – and you have to get your block out before your time runs out and the stack ""explodes!"" Can you be the last one to pull out a block before the whole thing comes crashing down? 

Game includes 36 JENGA hardwood blocks, toy detonator, stacking sleeve and instructions. 
For 1 or more players.  Ages 6+

Draw Something:

There's no need to be an artist to win this fun-filled Draw Something game! While one player draws, everyone else shouts out their guesses at what they're drawing. Whoever guesses the word earns coins along with the drawer, and the harder the word, the more coins you earn! Collect 15 coins for the win!

Includes 4 draw stations, 180 cards, 4 crayons, 4 pads of paper, 4 coin tracker clips and game guide. Ages 8+


Reclusive millionaire Samuel Black’s been murdered in his mansion! Now, it’s up to you to crack the case! Question everything to unravel the mystery. Who did it? Where? And with what weapon? Ransack the mansion for clues, ask cunning detective questions and leave no card unturned. Solve the murder first to win! Fun twist on the classic mystery game features new characters and a two-player version!

Includes Mansion Gameboard, 1 Yellow Murder Envelope, 1 Detective Notepad, 6 Character tokens, 21 Black CLUEDO cards, 13 Red Bonus cards, 6 Weapon tokens, 2 Dice and Game Guide.

For 2 to 6 players. Ages 8+

My Review:

All three of these games have been a joy to play. 

Jenga Boom has definitely been a family favorite, as the kids try to keep the structure from collapsing! The youngest still struggles with games that are meant for children ages six and older so we adapted the game a tad and that seemed to help her enjoyment level much better. I am so glad that many of the games that Hasbro creates are like this.

 The other two games are not age appropriate for our kids just yet, but my husband and I tested them out and it has been a blast. Of course, both of us were familiar with Clue, as it's been around for many years, and was a favorite of mine as a young person. It has been fun to figure out "who dun it" with him over a couple of home date nights.

 Finally, Draw Something has become a great addition to our collection of games as well. Although the girls haven't played it with us, it is definitely a game that we will introduce to our kids over the next couple years.

If you are looking for some fun games to play with your kids and family this upcoming Easter weekend, or Spring Break (depending where you live), I highly recommend all three of the above games! 

BUY IT: You can purchase Jenga Boom, Draw Something and Clue at your favorite toy retailer, from Hasbro!

***I received a complimentary set of the above games, courtesy of Hasbro Canada, for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner***

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