Friday, May 10, 2013

A Couple After God's Own Heart: A Book Review

About The Book:

New from bestselling authors Jim and Elizabeth George! Jim and Elizabeth come together to share from 40-plus years of marital wisdom and experiences to help couples grow closer to each other and to God.
Husbands and wives will discover how they can enrich their marriages by looking at the lives of key couples in the Bible. As they observe the strengths and weaknesses of couples like Abraham and Sarah, Boaz and Ruth, Joseph and Mary, and others, they will…
  • learn the essentials necessary for enjoying an exciting life together
  • develop better ways to communicate and make solid decisions
  • realize the need to draw upon God for unity and strength in hard times
An outstanding resource that will lead husbands and wives to enjoy a richer and deeper union!
You can read an excerpt of this book online here, in PDF Format.
About The Interactive Workbook:
In A Couple After God’s Own Heart Interactive Workbook, Jim and Elizabeth George build on the content of their book, A Couple After God's Own Heart, to create a companion guide that leads husbands and wives through a fascinating study on God’s plan for marriage.  Through a unique blend of Bible study material, questions for thought, and “What Can I Do Today?” applications, couples will grow a closer and deeper union as they...
  • learn from the successes and failures of key couples in the Bible
  • discover the essentials to a better marriage
  • participate in discussions designed to stimulate communication with each other
  • set and apply goals that help husbands and wives be all God designed them to be
  • determine how to make the best of the strengths and weaknesses in their relationship
This friendly and practical study offers life lessons from a variety of well-known couples in Scripture, and will equip spouses to experience more and more of the incredible bliss only God can bring into a marriage.
You can check out a sample of the interactive workbook here, in PDF format.
My Review:
I have been a fan of Elizabeth George for a number of years, and personally own several of her books, including A Mom After After God's Own Heart and A Wife After God's Own Heart. These two books and several others of her's have been instrumental in my growth as a Christian mom and wife in the last several years. She is a gifted writer and God has used her writing to reach many women around the world. 
Recently, I had the opportunity to read and review her newest release, co-written with her husband Jim George, A Couple After God's Own Heart.
I have read many books on marriage from a Christian perspective and amazing Christian authors over the years, but I have to say this is the first one I have ever read about couples from the Bible. You will study the following couples:
1. Adam and Eve
2. Isaac and Rebekah
3. Abraham and Sarah
4. Jacob and Rachel
5. Manoah and His Wife
6. Boaz and Ruth
7. David and Bathsheba
8. Zacharias and Elizabeth
9. Joesph and Mary
10. Aquila and Priscilla
I loved how the authors broke down the couples roles as husband and wife, gave a lot of practical ideas to implement in your marriage and I loved the retelling of each Biblical couple. I also really like the bonus of the 30 Days of Growing Together Devotional at the end of the book. A really fantastic way to come together for growth time as a couple. It adds another wonderful element for your relationship.
The Interactive Workbook is very nicely set up, giving a couple five days to work through each chapter, including digging deep into the scriptures, giving you both a lot to talk about and also practical ideas to complete each week as individuals, but things that will impact you as a couple. This would be great for small groups, as well as for home study times. 
I highly recommend both the book and workbook and give them a huge thumbs up!
BUY IT: You can purchase both A Couple After God's Own Heart and the Interactive Workbook at your favorite bookseller, from Harvest House Publishers. Both are also available online through Amazon.
***I received a complimentary copy of both the book and workbook, courtesy of Harvest House Publishers, for the purpose of review on my blog! All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner***

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