Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We Are All Unique, and Kinder Know's It!

As an Early Childhood Educator since 1998 I am aware that all children are different, unique is a great word to describe it, and this is not only seen in physical appearance but also in interests, personality and needs. If children (and adults for that matter) were all the same, life would be boring! Our unique traits are what makes life fun, exciting, scary and worth all that comes our way!

 As the oldest sibling of four girls, personal uniqueness is something that I grew up witnessing often. Who knew that four children from the same family would be so incredibly different. I am sure these differences have been one of the things that prepared me to become a mom six and a half years ago. I have two children, both girls, ages almost five and almost seven. Being both girls and sisters is honestly the only thing I think they truly have in common. 

Big sister is strong willed to be sure, taking after me is so many ways, that it is sometimes creepy:) She loves reading as she is only entering grade 2 in the fall and already reading chapter books!  She is definitely following me in a love for all things books. She loves to dance and sing, and my heart smiles when I see her with her iPod and headphones, singing out loud to Casting Crowns and Mandisa! She is very dramatic and loves to role play just about anything. She loves to learn and will work through her homework books in no time flat. One other thing is that her "love language" is definitely physical touch,  which is seen in that she is a true snuggle bug with especially her daddy! She is at times soft spoken and takes a while to "warm up" in new situations but I love that cautious side of her. She loves Jesus and her questions about God and the Bible always keep me on my toes! This beautiful girl surprised us all when she was born 10 weeks premature but we quickly discovered, even in the NICU, that she would go against the norm and be a fighter! I love her determination and strong spirit and always am reminded of that these qualities are not a bad thing, especially in the midst of disobedience.

Little sister is often just as strong willed but is a girly girl through and through. She loves her Disney Princesses, Dolls and all things dress up! She also loves to snuggle but often is moving too much to settle down for long! A quick hug and she is on to the next activity! She is so rough and tumble at times, and always full of bruises from her adventures, that I often find myself thinking, "she should have been my boy!" She loves all things crafty (as does her big sis!) and would sit with crayons or markers and scissors all day if she could (she has even discovered the nerve wracking activity of cutting her bangs, much to my chagrin!) She too loves to sing and read, but active play is much more her idea of a fun time. 

Both of the girls have taught me so much in the last six and a half years as a parent. I learned very quickly that I could not compare the two of them, just as I cannot compare children in my child care program. They are so unique and I love it! Each day is a new adventure to see where their interests will take them. 

One thing they both love and go crazy over is Kinder Eggs! And Kinder also acknowledges that children are unique, providing all kinds of great little surprises inside their yummy chocolate eggs! From puzzles to rings to cars and flying toys, there is something for everyone!

Kinder recently came out with The Pink Collection, with unique toys for the kids in your life. Just as kids are each unique so are these great toys. As a Kinder Mom I received a box of eggs, and we have had a blast with the rings, stampers, cars, spinners and puzzles we have discovered! Dolls have even been found on occasion, making both my girls happy:) The chocolate eggs of course are gone but fun times continue, with wonderful memories being made each day. You can see The Pink Collection here.

To celebrate the uniqueness of children, Kinder has a great contest running on their Facebook page until June 19, 2013! Enter to win 1 of 3 Prize Packs by telling Kinder what makes your child unique! You can enter here

I would love to hear what you find the most unique about your child. Post a comment below!

***Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own***

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