Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Advent Preparation for Families with Truth in the Tinsel!

Every year I think about ways to celebrate Christmas as a family. And the internet, particuarly Pinterest, has been a wealth of information over the last two years. Preparing for Christmas not only involves shopping, parties, meeting Santa, and baking but it also involves a very important activity in the season called Advent.

As a Christian, Advent is a very important time to prepare our hearts, homes and family as we anticipate remembering the birth of Christ Jesus. As an adult, I have done this through devotionals, books, listening to music or attending Advent Sunday services, and lighting the candles each week. Now, as parents, my husband and I are always try to make Advent a fun and educational time. Each year we think of ideas that we can not only do with the girls but also as a family.

One way we celebrated Advent last year was to use a fantastic program called Truth in the Tinsel! Each day during December, Truth in the Tinsel gives your family a scripture reading, questions to discuss and a fun little craft (ornament) for the children to complete. We had a great time last year learning and discussing the birth of Jesus and spending quality time as a family! It was very easy to use, plan and set up, using items you will likely find around your home, or make a quick trip to your local dollar store!

Here is a few of the ornaments we made last year!



Tissue Paper Light

About Truth In The Tinsel:

Does the craziness of the holiday seem to sweep you away? Do you sit there on December 25th and say, “Wait. Did we even talk about Jesus the last 24 days?”. Do Santa, gifts and parties cloud over the real stuff you want to focus on? I know exactly how you feel! I want my children to know and love Christmas, not for gifts or trees, but for Jesus! I want them to say, “the best present of all is Jesus!” 

Spend December impressing God’s Word on your kids’ heart! You’ll get 24 days of Scripture reading, ornament crafts, talking points and extension activities. Plus fun printables and templates! 

About The Author:

Amanda White is mom to Lydia and Asa; wife to Les. She also blogs at ohAmanda. And that about sums up her life!

But before all that, she lived and breathed children’s ministry. She was on puppet and drama teams in Middle and High School, she was a CILT graduate in a camping ministry, she interned at a premiere Children’s Ministry in Tulsa, she and her husband were special guest speakers at kids camps and churches during college. Later they helped start a church in Celebration, FL then moved to Birmingham, AL to be the elementary pastors at a mega-church there.

But after becoming a mother (and moving back home to Atlanta), she moved her children’s ministry skills onto her children. She likes making every day activities point to God and His laws and love. And she also pops M&Ms and dreams of Disney World in her spare time.

BUY IT: You can purchase Truth in the Tinsel online here for only $7.99 and if you have used the program previously and need the printable ornaments again this year, you can download those for only $3.99!


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