Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide Day 2: Get Creative with Kre-O and Hasbro

Do you have little ones in your home that love to build things? 

Do they love building construction sets like Lego and Kre-O?

I know in my home, both my own children and home child care program children have discovered the joy that comes with playing with building block sets. In the last year we have had the chance to partner with Hasbro Canada and test out several Kre-O block sets.

 Recently, we were sent the Kre-O Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Construction Set and its been a fantastic opportunity to use imagination, develop fine motor skills, role play and learn to share and take turns.
Build your own Star Trek adventures with this awesome KRE-O construction set! Use the 432 pieces to build a U.S.S. Enterprise ship that your 5 Kreon figures can ""fly."" Lift off the top saucer to put your Captain Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy Kreon figures on the bridge! This incredible set features Lighttech technology, so the deflector dish and engines glow for extra-amazing Star Trek action! Open the engine cowlings and fire the ship’s missile as it blasts through ""outer space."" BBuild boldly with the U.S.S. Enterprise construction set! 

Build your own Star Trek adventures with this 432-piece KRE-O construction set! Build a U.S.S. Enterprise ship! Includes Captain Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy Kreon figures! 2 Specialist figures! Firing missile! Lift top saucer to reveal the bridge! Engine cowlings open! Engines and deflector dish glow! Building set works with major brands. 
Set includes 432 pieces, 5 Kreon figures and instructions.

Ages 9 and up 

While my daughter's are not close to the age recommendation, they did help daddy with construction of this set and it was ultimately a fun time of bonding with him, which I loved witnessing! I can't wait to get more construction sets for the girls in the coming years, and build memories with them just like I have from growing up! And I know there will be a time when we will introduce the girls to Star Trek as daddy is quite a fan. 

If you have a block construction set fan in your home, especially those who love Star Trek and Star Wars, look no further than Kre-O! It has provided hours of fun in our home and I am confident it will in your home too!

BUY IT: You can purchase the Kre-O Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Construction Set at your favorite retailer of Hasbro Toys, like Wal-Mart, Toy's R Us and Sears!


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