Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year...A New Direction!

I cannot believe it's 2014!!! This last year has flown by and I am so excited that you, my amazing readers have been here for the ride! As I look back on the year, there has been joy, sadness, fun times and extermely difficult times but God has been there each step of the way and has taught me so much!

For the last four and a half years I have had this blog, and I have absolutely loved sharing my thoughts about various books and products. But something has been missing...ME!

During the last couple months of 2013, I had received a number of private emails and Facebook messages from many readers, friends and family telling me how much they have appreciated my words on here. To be honest, I was at a point where I thought I might give up blogging. I was stressing out about making time for it, not seeing bigger numbers, not getting picked for some really big product campaigns, and just generally discouraged. However, after reading the emails and messages, and a lot of prayer, I realized that God was truly with me on this blogging journey and using me for something greater than recognition and numbers.

What does this insight mean for 2014? Well, I love to read, that is no secret, so book reviews will definitely still be here, as will the occasional product review. However, I am determined to be far more transparent about me and my journey as a Christian wife and mom! I have been so incredibly encouraged in this last year from so many amazing blogs and websites for Christian moms and wives and want to pay it forward to you my readers! I really see this blog as a ministry and I know I need to be faithful to God and His path for me! I cannot wait to travel 2014 with you and see all that God has in store for us!


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