Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Restless: A Book Review

About The Book:

A practical plan to identify the threads of your life and how to intentionally weave them together for God's glory and purposes.
Restless explores the fact that God has called each of us to do great things in his name, and then helps us discover what that might mean for each of us individually. Jennie says, "We are called to dream but we're afraid to. But because we are called, when we don't act on it we become restless—restless to find purpose, to make a difference in the world, to matter."
Jennie doesn't suggest women add one more thing to their to-do list, but instead invites them to stop and listen where they are. She frees them to be themselves and to see themselves as valuable. In addition to this permission to dream she helps them get over themselves and their issues and then offers a simple process on highly designed journal pages to identify the raw materials—the unique threads—they've been given by digging into five areas:
  • Gifts
  • Suffering
  • Places
  • People
  • Passions
Using her own story and that of women with whom she has walked through this process as examples, Jennie weaves in the story of Joseph the dreamer and how God used his threads to fit into the greater story of God. Untangling the threads of our lives and assembling them together in one place reveals a beautiful plan designed by the Creator himself: God's Agenda + my threads + the need + the Holy Spirit = my purpose
And since living out our purpose is often filled with uncertainties Jennie addresses the doubts, fears, and challenges that hold women back from what they've been called to do. This repositioning of their lives is not a promise that all things will be perfect, or will go perfectly, but a promise that it will be the start of the best part of life—the part that completes what we were made for.
About The Author:
Jennie Allen is a passionate leader following God's call on her life to catalyze this generation live what they believe. She is the author of Anything and the Bible studies Stuck and Chase, and is the found and visionary of IF: Gathering. Jennie is married to her best friend, Zac, and they have been blessed with four children, the youngest of whom was adopted from Rwanda.
My Review:
I was blessed to have discovered the work of Jennie Allen about two years ago, and since then she has literally rocked my world. Her words have met me right where I am as a Christian wife and mom, and God has used her immensely to help me become who I am today. Her most recent book, Restless, has struck a note in my heart and it's evident by the many notes and underlines that are now in my copy of the book.
Restless is a book that I will definitely have to go through again and really dig deep. In the last few years I have been unsure about what God wants from me. I know I am a wife and mom, but somehow I thought there should be more, and I was, as the title of the book implies, restless. But through reading this book I have been incredibly reminded that I need to submit (it's not a bad thing!) and realize that I am doing exactly what I should be! Joesph is one of my favorite Bible characters and through Restless, Allen follows his story and teaches us that God uses our threads, His agenda, needs and the Holy Spirit to create purpose. We just need to stop being restless and listen to Him when He speaks through the threads. A beautifully written, well organized book that would be perfect for Women's Small Group studies and individual study alike. 
I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs up!
BUY IT: You can purchase Restless at your favorite bookseller from Thomas Nelson. It is also available online through here.
***I received a complimentary copy of this book, courtesy of BookSneeze Blogger Program and Thomas Nelson, for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner***

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