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Know Orphans: A Blog Tour and Book Review

About The Book:

The global orphan crisis is complex. The church’s response should be comprehensive, but is it? In this provocative follow-up toOrphanology, author Rick Morton provides the framework for families and churches to have a gospel-centered response to the growing global issue of orphan care.
KnowOrphans addresses three distinct areas associated with global orphanology. Delving deeper into the criticisms of the movement, the need for reform, and what families can expect, author Rick Morton helps shape realistic perceptions of the challenges and rewards adoptive parents face in transnational adoptions. Through illuminating the work internationally adoptive families can expect,KnowOrphans offers solutions for the church in remedying the ills and deficiencies surrounding the church’s role in equipping and supporting families before, during, and after the adoption process. Knowing that the church’s response and attitude should be one that goes beyond adoption, KnowOrphans also addresses the complexities of how Christians are to respond ethically, compassionately, and comprehensively to the biblical call to care for orphans.
KnowOrphans is the next step in conversation as this evangelically based movement of orphan care matures and begins to live out James 1:27 globally.
About The Author:
Rick Morton is the father of three transnational adopted children and coauthor of the popular book "Orphanology: Awakening to Gospel-Centered Adoption and Orphan Care." His dedication to the plight of orphans extends beyond his own family. The Mortons were cofounders of Promise 139, an international orphan-hosting ministry based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. An inspiring speaker for the gospel to be expressed by the church living out God’s heart for the fatherless, Rick presents at adoption and orphan-care conferences and pastor’s conferences. Rick and his family live in the Greater Memphis area.

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My Review:
 Adoption as a whole is a very important way to meet the needs of children who otherwise would not have a family to call their own, but Orphan Ministry is so much more than just adopting. Morton takes you on a journey through the international adoption of his two children, and shares with you the ups and downs that comes with that journey. It was very eye-opening to be sure. 
Through reading Know Orphans, I have a renewed appreciation for those in my life that are in various stages of adoption. Currently, I know eleven friends and family that are in various stages of the adoption process, be it just starting with coming up with the money necessary and filling out forms to being matched to transitioning at home with a new little person to call a son or daughter. It is definitely an emotional journey with many ups and downs. I am proof positive that adoption saves lives. I was the recipient of a domestic adoption 39 years ago and fully support adoption as a means to save lives and fullfill God's command to care for the widows and orphans of the world. 
Morton was raw honest about his family's journey, yet encourages you to find a way to support adoption, whether you adopt, pray for those in the process, or financially support friends and family who adopt, or financially support Adoption Organizations around the world. I loved that in his writing he never once made me feel guilty for not adopting at this point in our life, but challenged me to get more involved with Orphan Care as a Christian. 
If you are looking for a wonderful resource for your church, for those who are on the adoption journey or to read as a way to embrace this so necessary ministry as a Christ-follower, this is the book to read.
I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs up!

BUY IT: You can purchase Know Orphans: Mobilizing the Church for Global Orphanology online here.
***I received a complimentary copy of this book, courtesy of LitFuse Publicity Group, for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated in any other manner***

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