Thursday, May 22, 2014

Let's Play - It's Summer!

If you have been a follower of my blog for any length of time, or know me in real life, you are aware that not only am I am mom of two beautiful daughters (ages five and seven) but I also run a home-based child care program. Currently I care and educate four children ranging from 12 months to six years of age, and while busy it has been so much fun! There is never a dull moment, and I am always on the hunt for fun activities to keep them busy, so that they are not only playing but learning as well.

With summer vacation just over a month away, I know that my daily routine is going to change drastically with the addition of the three older children in my care (including my two). I know this is the case for many families out there that have school age children in their homes. There will need to be more age appropriate and developmentally appropriate activities that will keep their attention, get them moving and get them away from relying on electronics.

 So on the hunt I went, and mostly through searching Pinterest, found some fantastic ideas! Today, I wanted to share a few that I want to incorporate into our family activities, as well as for the home day care.

Water Play 

DIY Water Wall from Tinkerlab (one of my fave sites to follow for ideas)

photo via TinkerLab

Sponge Balls from Come Together Kids (a ton of great kid friendly and kid inspired posts!)

Sensory Play for Infants from Growing A Jeweled Rose (super ideas here folks!)

Foil River from I Can Teach My Child

Cool Play (Ice):

Freezy Goo from Growing A Jeweled Rose (again, a fantastic site!)

photo via Growing A Jeweled Rose

Ice Tunnel from Art and Creativity (a super fun blog)

Rainbow Erupting Ice Volcano from Momma's Fun World (just discovered this blog and its great!)

Ice Art from Nurture Store (a fantastic site with activities for all seasons)

Icy Freezy Dough from Growing A Jeweled Rose (so much fun, did this one last summer)

Games Galore:

Pool Noodle Backyard Obstacle Course from Learn, Play, Imagine (lots of fun ideas here)

Water Gun Fun from The Taylor House (another new-to-me blog)

DIY Lawn Twister Game from Stock Piling Moms (super ideas on this blog!)

Photo via Stock Piling Moms

DIY Giant Sized Outdoor Games from U Create Crafts (this site is fantastic!)

Bubble Time:

Rainbow Bubble Snakes from Housing A Forest (super great blog)

Bubble Refill from A Few Short Cuts (fun blog for kids of all ages)

DIY Bouncy Bubbles from DIY & Crafts (I am loving this site!)

Bubble Printing Fun from The Chocolate Muffin Tree (super cute site that I have followed for some time)

Photo via The Chocolate Muffin Tree

These are just some of the thousand's of activities that can be found via the Internet, and will provide your family with HOURS and HOURS of fun this summer! I hope you have enjoyed this list and try out a few of these great ideas with your family!

QUESTION: What are some of your favorite activities that you do in the summer with your kids (or if you work in child care like me, with your students/families) Reply in the comments below, and share links if you have them! 


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