Thursday, September 18, 2014

Travel The World With Little Passports!

As a mom and early childhood educator I love teaching children about the world. Whether teaching about greetings, clothing, homes, food or music, it is remarkable to me how much children crave learning about the world around them.

There is a ton of fantastic resources on the internet, in the library, or even in our own communities since our world is so incredibly multicultural. In my work with preschool children, I have found countless activities like multicultural music, recipes, and even used multicultural art supplies and costumes for role play.

 Recently, I found out about a monthly subscription program that will take your child around the world through your mail box. Little Passports has two different programs, World Edition (geared for 5-10 year olds) or USA Edition (geared for 7-12 year olds), each with their own unique activities. Travel with Sam and Sofia, and interact with activities like stickers, stories, activities sheets and even through online games.You can join Sam and Sofia with monthly, 6 month or 12 month subscriptions.

Are you a group that is looking for fundraising ideas?

Then look no further Little Passports! With each purchase of a Little Passport subscription, your group will receive 15%! What a great idea that will meet your group needs and help children learn about  the world around them! The fundraising period is October 21 - 28 and the deadline to sign up is October 10! Check here for more details!

I will be receiving a trial month of Little Passports soon, so watch the blog for more of my thoughts about this great subscription program for children. Until then check it out for yourself here!

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