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Raising Uncommon Kids: A Book Review

About The Book:

The greatest lesson we teach our kids isn't anything we say--it's what we do.
Many parents are surprised to discover just how little we're actually modeling the behaviors we hope to pass on--qualities such as unconditional love, gentleness, forgiveness, patience, gratitude, humility, and more. This unique book offers a fresh way to look at molding your children: by focusing more on adding good behaviors than on eliminating bad ones. 

Grounding her advice in Scripture, Sami Cone shares stories from her own life to show these principles in action. And she outlines practical things you can do right now to create a home and family that exhibits love, harmony, and generosity of spirit in a self-centered world.

You can read an excerpt of this book here, in PDF format

About The Author:

Sami Cone is a blogger, radio host, and TV correspondent. Known as the Frugal Mom on Nashville's top-rated talk show Talk of the Town, Sami hosts the nationally syndicated Family Money Minute and educates more than one million listeners every morning on the Family Friendly Morning Show. She and her husband, Rick, have two children and live in Nashville, Tennessee. Learn more at

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My Review:

As a Christian mom, it is part of my mission to teach my children traits that reflect our belief in Jesus Christ. Sometimes this is easy, other times not so much but always there are lessons to learn as the journey of life happens. There are literally hundreds of Christian parenting books on the market. To be honest, it can become completely overwhelming to pick the "right" books. Which ones meeet our parenting style or religious beliefs, which reflect parenting girls or boys, which reflect parenting in older years, and so on. However, recently I read a great book that will cover all these situations and more. Raising Uncommon Kids: 12 Biblical Traits You Need to Raise Selfless Kids was a lovely addition to my parenting resources. 

Author Sami Cone uses her outspoken, raw and honest writing style to teach parents how important it is that children be raised with these twelve traits:

1. Love
2. Harmony
3. Gentleness
4. Bearing With
5. Forgiveness
6. Wisdom
7. Patience
8. Kindness
9. Gratitude
10. Peace
11. Humility
12. Compassion

What a phenomenal list! As I read the book, I was encouraged certainly but also humbled because I realized that there was so much I was doing already but I am also so very far away from the parent God wants me to be. I was reminded that I need to not only teach these traits but also model them in my own life. Modelling the behavior I want my children to possess is so incredibly important. I loved that the author gave personal stories but also a lot of wonderful practical tips to teach each trait. 

Some of my favortie quotes from the book include:

-Once we as paretns truly embrace the love of our heavenly father, we must exhibit that love daily and put it into practice (p. 24)
-Whatever you do, don't forget to let your kids help. Anytime you make your kids part of the process, you automatically make them part of the solution (p. 39)
-If we're going to teach our kids to be compassionate, they must first become considerate (p. 74)
-It's not about knowing how to do something. It's about being willing to do anything (p. 174)
-Our goal should not be to raise kids like everyone else in the world; out goal should be to raise our kids in such a way that motivates them to embrace their uniqueness and in turn share that gift with others (p. 191)

My copy of this book is underlined and highlighted all over and definitely is one that I will reference for years to come yet! There is seriously a ton of fantastic ideas both in the book and on the authors website. Check it out here, for great ideas and more information about the author.

I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs up!

BUY IT: You can purchase Raising Uncommon Kids: 12 Biblical Traits You Need to Raise Selfless Kids at your favorite Christian retailers from Baker Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group

***I received a complimentary copy of this book, courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications Inc., for the purpose of review on this blog. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have not been compensated

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