Friday, November 30, 2018

Ellie Claire Journal Blog Review

With Christmas just a short three weeks away, I am so excited to share some great gift ideas for the person in your life that loves to journal!

First off, is the Illuminate Your Story Journal.

 Learn to create your own beautiful illuminated letters with this how-to journal.
Use the almost-lost art of illuminating letters to enhance your writing, Bible journaling, or sermon note-taking. Rich illustrated manuscripts in the Museum of the Bible’s collection inspired these gorgeous letters. Easy to follow instructions, practice pages, and encouragements guide you through the creation of amazing start letters, flourishes, and more.
Secondly, is the Faith and Lettering Journal
New from professional letterer Krystal Whitten! With guides, instructions, and tutorials, this is a fun and inspiring way to create beauty with words. It is the perfect place for journalers to practice Bible journaling, lettering quotes and verses, or decorating a page with original thoughts and plans. Exploring your God-given creativity has never been so rewarding.
Finally, there is this stunning item, The Illustrated Word Journal

Create your own masterpiece with this journal that has forty glorious illustrations from ancient manuscripts that have been recreated as line drawings. Just as medieval monks brought Scripture to life through intricate inked illustrations in handwritten manuscripts hundreds of years ago, you can now create your own stunning keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.
My Thoughts:
These are the perfect gift idea for someone in your life that loves to journal. The books include very clear directions and lots of space to practice and will meet the needs of all those who call journalling a hobby, be it a newbie or veteran. 
The Illuminated Word Journal is absolutely breathtaking. Full color illustrations from the archives of the Museum of the Bible draw you to Medieval times of Monks and beautiful art. There is plenty of room to write your thoughts, prayers, doodle or whatever your heart desires. There are plenty of pages to color as well. I am planning to use it for my quiet time and record notes from podcasts I listen to. I did color one page to test out my markers and was pleasantly suprised that no colors bled through, making this a perfect paper thickness for gel pens and journalling pens. It is a beautiful book to be sure and I highly recommend it. 
You can purchase The Illuminated Word Journal here, via Amazon
The Illuminate Your Story Journal was stunning journal to browse through. The colors are relaxing, the pages thick (making it perfect for pens and markers alike) and the size perfect for a tote bag or larger purse. I love that the book took you through the steps to draw the illuminated manuscript, but I especially enjoyed the short history lesson about this type of manuscript. The majority of the book was dedicated to the instructions of drawing the letters, and I wish there was more journaling space available. That was the only downside to this journal. It is visually appealing and the instructions for learning to draw the letters were very straightforward. A really great gift idea for any journaling fan on your Christmas shopping list this year. I highly recommend!
You can purchase the Illuminate Your Story Journal here, via Amazon
Finally, The Faith and Lettering Journal was my favorite of these three beautiful journals. It has a ton of journaling space, and gives you lots of different printing styles to learn. The pages are not as thick as the other two journals I received to review, but still stood up to gel pens very well. 
You can purchase the Faith and Lettering Journal here, via Amazon.
***I received a complimentary set of the above products, courtesy of Worthy Publishing, in exchange for a review on this blog. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and I was not compensated in any other manner***

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