Thursday, November 1, 2018

National Adoption Awareness Month 2018

November is National Adoption Awareness Month!

If you ask people in your family or friend circles if they know someone who is adopted there is a good chance they would answer yes.

1 in 5 Canadians are touched by adoption in some way.

6 in 10 Americans have personal experience with adoption.

This means they are adopted themselves, are adoptive parents, have a sibling who is adopted, are birth parents or birth relatives or know of a friend who is adopted.

I happen to fall into a few of those categories. I was adopted as an infant/toddler, and one of my sister's is an adoptive parent (as well as having been a foster parent).  My own parents have also been long term foster parents previously. And I know a few friends who have adopted children over the years.

Adoption changes lives.

It allows a couple who cannot conceive to have a child.

It allows a child who has an uncertain future to have a future.

It allows a family with children to learn about compassion and empathy.

It shows a woman who cannot care for her child that there is no judgement in her circumstances.

It allows a child to build resiliency and overcome even the toughest of situations

It allows families to develop a sense of diversity and inclusion

It teaches us about the sovereignty of God and His hand on people's lives.

It reminds us that even when we cannot adopt we can support those who do, and support those who care for those in both the foster system and on the adoption journey.

Join me this month as I share parts of my own adoption story and other's journeys through adoption. Throughout the month I will be sharing ways to help those on the journey and resources about adoption, both in the United States and Canada.


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